When your big day finally arrives, all you want is for everything to go according to plan. My role as your wedding planner is to ensure that plan incorporates your vision, complete with those finer details that makes your day special and unique. It is of vital importance to me that my clients get the opportunity to enjoy their day and focus on each other, rather than being concerned about the wellbeing of their guests. It's my responsibility to blend into the background and deliver a friendly, professional service.

When organising my own wedding, the thought of using a wedding planner did not occur to me. If it had, I probably would have discounted it as my perception of wedding planners was that seen in the movies, excitable individuals who play a very visible part in proceedings. Since completing my training with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, I've learned the industry is very different and if I had the knowledge that I have now, I certainly would have booked one.

I've discovered that the best wedding planners do not make all the decisions, rather they provide the best options to deliver a couple's vision and requirements on budget, and I work very closely with my clients to ensure everything is in place.

Although I do have standard packages on offer, there is flexibility within them to tailor them to what suits you both. Nobody wants a standard package wedding, so I'm always happy to sit with prospective clients and carry out an initial consultation without any commitment.

This initial consultation is a fact-finding exercise for all parties to establish the details, but most importantly to develop a rapport between us and establish a good foundation towards your special day.